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Icon Text content type

GATO includes an Icon Text content type to enhance your web content design. The Icon Text content type is a simple combination of an icon, a title and a small paragraph of text. You can add a link to the title or the icon so users can navigate to other content on your site or outside your site.

This element is designed to give you a way to bring visual attention to content on your page. You may want to highlight small content that is important, such as a deadline date. You can also visually draw attention to important content and provide a link to another page.

The Icon and Text content type is best used in a 3 column layout. Content should be centered and short. If you have large amounts of content, use the icon and text to link to another page. Another use is a 2 column layout where the icon text links to additional content and the side by side column content relates to each another.

Things to keep in mind:

In a three column layout using three different Icon Text content types, use the same icon color and use the same link styles, link the icon or the text or both.

Having some icon text content that links and other icon text that doesn't, may confuse the user. Consistency helps them learn how to navigate your site.

Always ask yourself how is the user going to utilize this content? What do I want the user to do? Design with that in mind.

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