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Gato Digital Signage

Digital signage is currently offered through a version of the Gato editing environment. Examples of current digital signage can be seen in the University Advancement Center, Alkek Library, ASB North, and Comal buildings. Early adopters include Political Science, Psychology, Library, Sociology, PACE, and Instructional Technologies Support.

For assistance with setting up a digital sign or acquiring training, please email

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Estimated Costs

The standard digital signage kit cost is approximately $1,905 per unit, plus a single network port and duplex power outlet installed at the correct location. We estimate these costs at $150 per network drop and $500 per outlet, but those are conservative estimates. The network port and power outlet prices are determined by Network Operations and Facilities, respectively, and costs may vary per installation. We also add an additional 10% of equipment costs for contingencies, but these are only used if needed. Special deviations or circumstances could require an increase in costs.

Sample Installation Costs:

Total Equipment Costs $1515
Duplex Power $500*
Data Drop $150*
ITSCT Labor, 8hrs @ $30/hr $240
Contingencies (10%) $150
Total $2,555

*Estimated costs, prices are determined by Network Operations and Facilities, respectively.

Digital Signage Template Documentation : Digital Signage Template Documentation (PDF, 5 MB)

Sample Sign Image Gallery