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Website Best Practices

Here is a brief list of best practices to follow when creating and publishing content on your website:

Inserting a link into text

When inserting a link into text, you may be tempted to state "click here" and only have the words "click here" a link.  For easier use, make the entire sentence or more than just a few words a link for users to click on.  By making more text the link you're making the link more visible and giving users more area to click on.

Linking to a document

Editors are allowed to link to documents in multiple ways, one of which is by using the Rich Editor content type.  Examples of this would be "Click here to download the document."  While this functionality works perfectly well, you may want to consider using the Documents content type.  By using the Documents content type you're providing the user with more information about the document they are about to click on such as the file type and how large it is.

Create a confirmation page for mail form submissions

When your site visitors complete and send a form submission to you, it is best to direct them to a confirmation page once they click submit.  If a confirmation page is not added, the information the user entered into the form disappears.  The user thinks that there was an error and completes and submits the form once more.  The end result is you end up receiving multiple form submissions from the user and the user is unsure if you've received their submission.

Hiding pages from navigation

Hiding pages from navigation hides the page from your site's menus and any site maps you may create.  You may want to consider doing this for form confirmation pages. Users should only see the confirmation page if they have successfully completed and submitted the form.