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Current Release Notes

Dec 12, 2017 (Fafnir Release)


  • Significantly changed the way javascript and CSS is included on web pages to improve performance.
  • The RSS content type has been rewritten to be more robust. More data (particularly thumbnail images) will be identified in a wider range of feeds.
  • Improved the accessibility of the mobile slideout menu.
  • Custom CSS is now pre-processed to prevent a block with an error in it from negatively affecting other blocks.
  • Section titles may now optionally be left-aligned.
  • Header tags are now dynamically altered to create a more accessible document, especially when the new section titles are utilized. For example, when adding a text & image to a section with a section title, the section title will be an h2 and the text & image title will be an h3. This creates a better document hierarchy for screen readers and other assistive technologies.
  • The collage and mosaic sections may now have section titles and background color, like all the other section types.
  • FAQ answers now have an id attribute that may be used to create a link for that answer. Visiting the link would scroll the page to that answer and automatically expand that answer so that it is visible.
  • Stand-alone image cards (those that are not in a mosaic or collage section) may now be set in the editing dialog to be cropped to a specific ratio.
  • Video slides may now have caption text in addition to a title.


  • Fixed a problem with the table content type where <br> tags were inappropriately visible on mobile.
  • When a button content type is set to "Reverse" style and placed in a section with a background color, it no longer has a white background.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue for the RSS content type.
  • Fixed a problem that crashed pages when an editor tried to add an image with an unsupported format.
  • Fixed a problem where adding a hash to an internal link would make the link more fragile (broken link after page renamed or moved).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause content to overlap the sidebar after resizing the browser window.


  • Numerous changes to padding and margin all over the system. Overall there should be a slight reduction in empty space. Additionally, many unusual situations produced unintended extra margin and have been cleaned up.
  • Changed the indent behavior for lists in the rich editor and text and image content types.
  • Design change: The play button on video slides has been moved to the center of the image in some cases.
  • Design change: The image card and slider content types have been adjusted to match each other better when side by side.