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Current Release Notes

March 20, 2018 (Godzilla Release)


  • Added the ability for editors to create up to 5 filters on the Mosaic card layout section and then tag individual cards with them. Visitors to the site will be able to click on each filter to show and hide cards.

  • A sidebar navigation block title may now be given a URL and it will become a link.

  • Editors may now create additional header rows in the Table content type, by adding a line which only has one column of content, and making the content begin with an asterisk(*). This information is included in the dialog.

  • Video cards may now have caption text.

  • Video Cards now behave like Image Cards when the Mosaic section is set to one of the cropping values, to help maintain a consistent look.


  • Fixed a problem with the RSS content type when a feed entry has no link.

  • The Image Card content type now allows caption text without a caption title.

  • Improved pasting from Excel into the Table content type, especially when the Excel document has merged cells or columns that are not wide enough for the content.

  • Editors may now add mailto: links anywhere they would add a link.


  • Image and Video cards are now limited to 4 colors instead of the original 7 to help maintain better overall design. Cards using one of the 3 missing colors have been automatically converted to an appropriate option from the 4 remaining.