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Current Release Notes

April 14, 2017 (Release the Kraken!)


  • When browsing for an asset to add to a content type, there is now a preview panel to help identify the asset.
  • Added an "App Switcher" to the editor interface. Press Alt-Shift (Windows) or Option-Shift (Mac) to quickly switch between Pages and Assets.
  • Added a little extra security to prevent webpages embedded in the Embed Webpage content type from affecting the rest of the page.
  • Embed Video content type now follows the oEmbed standard to ask each video provider for the best embed code to use, improving overall functionality.
  • Youtube videos may now include a link on mobile devices to open the video in the Youtube app. This is especially useful for panoramic and virtual reality videos because they currently function poorly in mobile browsers.
  • Added new icons to the Icon and Text content type.
  • The Slider content type has received a number of updates:
    • When the title/caption appear on top of the image, they use less space, are a little bit transparent, and the amount of text allowed to display is limited.
    • The previous and next arrows have been altered.
    • The slider should appear to load faster.
    • Accessibility has been improved.
    • A new type of slide has been made available, for adding videos to your Slider. It functions similarly to the big slider on the university homepage.


  • Accessibility improvements to the new search functionality (hotfixed Dec 5, 2016)
  • Search input box no longer shows "searchid is xxxxxxxx" after you click on a person. It was confusing.
  • Titles such as "Dr." now included with person search results. Had been lost in the big search update.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a small number of old PDF files from being downloaded.
  • News items on the university homepage may now all be published in one action.
  • Fixed a problem with the site banner image on mobile devices after changing from portrait to landscape orientation.
  • The new search feature now places focus inside the input box immediately on mobile devices (which also brings up the keyboard), and maintains focus after selecting one of the two radio buttons.
  • Fixed a problem with the new site search where search results would disappear after clicking a result and then using the back button (hotfixed Feb 21, 2017).
  • Fixed a display problem on android devices with their font size accessibility setting set larger than normal.
  • Fixed a problem that caused publishing a page to fail and continue to fail until Gato support intervened.
  • Resolved scrolling problems with the site list in Pages (most prevalent in Google Chrome browser).
  • Fixed accessibility issues for Slider, Image Gallery, the form template, and the new search functionality.


  • A list inside a text and image paragraph will no longer wrap below the image if it starts to the side of the image. It broke the structure of the list and was less readable.
  • Editors are no longer allowed to change the name of their site in Assets.