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Sandbox Request

If your group is planning on doing a redesign of your website, Learning Applications Solutions can create a sandbox site for you to work in. This allows you to make large changes without accidentally replacing your existing content.

You can start with either a copy of your existing website, or a stock boilerplate website if you plan on remaking the site from scratch. Once your new site is fully built within the sandbox, Learning Applications Solutions will perform a technical review, then archive your existing website and launch the sandbox in its place.

Sandboxes are NOT for

  • Creating a new website entirely. Use the New Website Request form for this.
  • Making small changes to move back to your existing website. This can lead to broken links, lost content, and other problems. Only use a sandbox if you intend to replace your entire website.
  • Testing individual pages before they are available to everyone. Contact Learning Applications Solutions at for help if you need to do this.

If you are a site manager, use the form below to request a sandbox. If a request is received from someone who is not that person, Learning Applications Solutions will request permission from the appropriate site manger before proceeding.

Sandbox Type *

All the editors of your existing website can be granted access to the sandbox, or you can restrict access to editors of your choosing. If you wish to add new editors for the sandbox, you can also do so in the field below. All new editors will need to have attended Gato I training before Learning Applications Solutions can grant them access.

Who will need access to the sandbox? *