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Getting Access

In order to attain Gato access, one must complete mandatory training as well as receive authorization from a site manager. Details regarding these steps will be provided below.

If you have already completed the mandatory training and need to request access to a website, please submit the Update My Gato Access form.

Required Steps

Step 1 - Enroll in online training

Gato training is required and is only offered online through Canvas. Both future and current editors can self-enroll into the online training course.

Details regarding training can be found on the Gato Training page.

Step 2 - Complete all training modules

Gato training is broken up into several different modules:

  • Introduction to Gato
  • Accessibility
  • Calico
    • Calio training is required for new websites and sandboxes. This training is not required for websites still using the TXST Standard template, but is highly recommended.
  • Advanced Gato (optional).

Basic Gato, Accessibility and Calico modules all contain assessments which must be completed with a passing score (80 or higher).

Step 3 - Notify your site manager that training has been completed

Once training has been completed, a current documented site manager or owner will need to request that you be provided editor access to the website.

Each university website has an owner. This owner then appoints department faculty/staff to fully manage the website - which includes authorizing people to become site editors.

The Website Admin Inquiry Form can be submitted to request the names of site managers.


Once all three requirements are met, a site owner or manager will submit a formal request to have you become a site editor. This must be done via the Gato Management Page.