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The Mobile/Web team offers training courses to learn how to use Gato, the university's web content management system. Training details and course information are provided on this page.

Gato training is divided up into two parts and requires site manager approval before access can be granted to edit a website. Please refer to our Editor Access Process page for additional information.

The Gato training course is available for open enrollment in Canvas.

Training Details

Details regarding Gato 1 and Gato 2 training's can be found below. While both are available in the same online training course, only Gato 1 is required for access. Gato 2 content is highly recommended.

Gato 1 Fundamentals Training

This online, self-paced training serves as an introduction to the Gato editing environment. It is divided up into two parts, with the second part being focused on ADA training. Here's an overview of topics covered in this training:

  • Learn where to log into the Gato editing environment.
  • Introduced to online resources and support.
  • Locate and navigate the main work areas (e.g. - Pages and Assets)
  • Understand the basic structure of a website.
  • Adding, removing, and copying web pages.
  • Managing text, links and images on a page
  • Publishing and unpublishing content
  • Introduction into the role and importance of accessibility.
  • Creating accessible websites.

Gato 2

Gato 2 material can be found immediately after Gato 1 training material in Canvas. It introduces attendees to additional features of the system and is updated over time to include more material.

Please note that this training alone does not serve as a substitute for Gato 1 training.

Some topics participants will learn:

  • Templates
    • Page Redirect
    • Filterable Search
    • Forms
  • Layouts
    • Collage
    • Mosaic
  • Advanced page properties
  • Anchors
  • Site launch process overview
  • Additional content types and features