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Editor Access Process

There are three steps which must be completed before one can have access to edit a website. Details regarding these steps will be provided below.

Required Steps

Step 1 - Attend a Gato 1 Workshop

Faculty, staff, or students requiring access to Gato must attend Gato 1 Fundamentals Training. Details regarding this training can be found both on the workshops page as well as on the Mobile/Web Systems Calendar.

In signing up for a workshop, one will have to enter the name of the site in which access is requested. This has a direct impact of the next step of the editor access process.

Step 2 - Site Manager Approval

Once the workshop has been completed, we'll search for the site manager associated with the requested website mentioned in step 1.

We will request access on your behalf. Once the site manager approves the request, we will only require that the third step be completed. The Website Admin Inquiry Form can be submitted to request the names of site managers.

Step 3 - Accessibility Training

After the initial workshop training, we will add each attendee to the Accessibility Training site in TRACS. This training is self-paced and contains an assessment which needs to be completed with an 80 or better.

It is the responsibility of the editor to inform us once the assessment has been successfully completed. Information on digital accessibility can be found on the Texas State Digital Accessibility website.

Please note that step 2 and 3 are not required to be done in order.


Once all three requirements are met, Gato support reaches out to inform editors that access has been enabled.


Having access to the Calico template requires additional training, as well as access to an authorized Calico website.

Using Calico

Before an active editor can have access to a website using the Calico template, design training must be scheduled and taken with University Marketing.

The website should also be approved to use the template before training can be scheduled. For more information on the Calico Template, please refer the Calico Template Guidelines page.