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Known Issues

The following are known bugs and issues with the current version of the CMS. Future releases may resolve these issues.

Component Issue Workaround
Google Chrome and Touchscreen Monitors Chrome is displaying poor functionality in the editing environment on touchscreens. While in Edit page, the scroll bar will not let you view/edit the bottom of the page or will disappear all together. If you experience this please use Firefox or Safari (Internet Explorer also works).
Versions The ​Restore Version feature is currently unavailable. A workaround for this (especially if you are making major changes to your webpage) is to utilize Duplicate page. The only page that cannot be duplicated is your homepage. The duplicated page(s) will have the same name under the Page column, plus a 0 at the end of the page name. 
Linking Images in Rich Editor Creating an image as a link using the Rich Editor results in the image showing up with a text link below it. Please use Text & Image to handle any standalone image links at this time.
Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge currently is incompatible with the Gato edit environment. Windows 10 editors are encouraged to use Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. 
Edge, Chrome, and Internet Explorer Currently, only the Firefox ESR browser (included in the latest Windows 10 image from TR) will allow you to copy and paste tables from Excel into the Table content paragraph without stripping hyperlinks from the data. If you encounter trouble with pasting table content from Excel into the Table content type in Gato, please ensure you are using the Firefox ESR browser.