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Current Release Notes

May 24, 2022 Release (Castlevania)


  • Personal pronouns will now be listed in the filterable search list of people and people search for those who have provided them. For people added manually to the list of people, a dropdown with pronoun options has been added to the dialog for editing a person.
  • The embed video and video card content types will now allow tiktok videos.
  • Phone numbers in people search results are now links.


  • In the filterable search list of people, content from Faculty Profiles will no longer break the page if it is truncated in the middle of content formatted with HTML.
  • A twitter:card meta tag has been added for pages using the social sharing feature to improve the appearance of links to pages on Twitter. Tweets should now display the card format with a larger image.


  • When list items are alphabetized in styled lists and filterable search, items beginning with the word, “the,” will be alphabetized based on their second word. For example, “The Quad,” will be listed under Q instead of T.
  • The Texas State logo in the footer of pages using the 2015 template has been updated.