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Current Release Notes

February 12, 2019


  • Added the new filterable search template.

  • Added a Social Sharing tab to the page properties to support OpenGraph tags for social media sharing customization.


  • Slider: Moving image slide animates when the slides do not auto-rotate.
  • Accessibility: Corrected labeling problem in RSS content type.
  • Accessibility: In the forms template, the colors on the date picker have changed to have more contrast between background and foreground.
  • Calendar content type: Removed an additional "CANCELLED" from showing up on the calendar content type when an event is cancelled.
  • Calendar content type: No longer shows 'click here for more information' link if no web field is entered.
  • Calendar content type: Hide Campus Sponsor if one wasn't provided.


  • Paste buttons have been removed.
  • Added an additional column to the Add Component dialog.