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Current Release Notes

September 22, 2020 (Ursula Release)


  • Added a new conditional form field to enable branching logic in forms. Editors can now add form fields that are shown or hidden depending on how the form submitter answered a previous question. For example, a field requesting the user’s major might only show up if they answered “Yes,” to “Are you a student?”
  • Text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, and select fields in forms have been redesigned
  • Editors can now add descriptive help text to form fields
  • The Important Dates content type will now display date ranges for events that last multiple days


  • Empty custom CSS blocks will no longer cause an error on the page
  • Accessibility: fixed missing aria reference for sliders that have only one slide. Editors should use image cards or video cards instead of single-slide sliders.
  • In the Important Dates content type, display the start date for an event instead of the end date.
  • Images will now be displayed in grid view in the Filterable Search List of Items content type


  • Made image cards and video cards available in larger columns. Previously, they were only available in columns that were one half the width of the page or smaller.
  • Accessibility: Removed the justified text option from the rich text editor. Existing justified content will be converted to left-justified