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Current Release Notes

Zurg's Revenge Release (October 12, 2021)


  • Added a new LIkert Scale Form field to all form templates. Editors can add 3-10 answers and assign them numerical values. They can then add questions, which will appear in a table with the possible answers. On smaller screens, the Likert Scale questions will look the same as the radio button selection fields.
  • Added the ability to use a background video at the top of the homepage instead of a still image. The video can be paused and will not appear on small screens or for users who have their devices set to reduce motion.
  • Updated the icon set, Font Awesome, to version 5. This adds hundreds of new icons that can be used in the Icon and Text content type.


  • Accessibility: updated the image gallery content type to provide generic alt text for images where it is missing


  • Redesigned the icon picker to make icons easier to find. Editors can filter icons by category or search by icon name or keyword
  • Asset IDs can now be pasted into link fields to create links to documents. To find the asset ID, open the asset in the Assets app. The ID is the read-only Identifier field. Copying this field and pasting it into a link field in a dialog will create a link to the asset.