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Current Release Notes

June 9, 2020 (Snape Release)


  • In People Search results, show the teams phone number for a person if they have one
  • Added Google reCAPTCHA to Gato forms to reduce submissions from bots. This will require form submitters to complete a challenge to prove that they are not a robot. Most of the time, this is a simple checkbox but users will sometimes be required to complete a task like selecting all of the images that contain traffic lights in a group of images. 
  • Added location and contact information to the events displayed on the Wittliff Events page
  • Added the option to include Biography, Teaching Interests, and Research Interests when pulling data from Faculty Profiles for the Filterable Search List of People content type. A link to the relevant section on Faculty Profiles is created if the text retrieved is longer than 300 characters.
  • Added a links area to entries in the Filterable Search List of People content type


  • Added horizontal scrolling to table view on the Texas State Main Events page so that all information can be viewed on small screens
  • Accessibility: When clicking on a link to a page anchor, focus will be moved to that anchor after the scroll animation
  • Rich editor tables with alternating row colors will display correctly in sections with background colors
  • Fix a problem with the department directory content type where, for large departments, not all faculty and staff members were being displayed
  • Accessibility: made “Read More” links less ambiguous for non-sighted users in the article list and rss content types


  • Pages created using the Calico templates will always display a page title
  • Removed some old, unused templates