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Current Release Notes

September 18, 2018


  • We've added support for https to all pages. You can try it out now by replacing http:// with https:// for any Gato-powered URL. Soon we will activate it so that users are sent to https instead of http by default. This is more secure for our users, but may cause some embedded http content to disappear (Raw HTML, Embed Webpage content types most likely to be affected). If you currently have content that works on your live site but looks broken in the editing environment, it will probably break on your live site after the switch.

  • The Video Card content type is now available in all small column layouts. It looks just like an Image Card but you can link to a video just like the Embed Video content type.

  • Added support for DaCast in the Embed Video and Video Card content types. This is a provider the university uses frequently to live-stream events like commencement.

  • Implemented a new technique to help filter spam on Mail template pages. Please let us know if you continue receiving spam.


  • The Android 9 update introduced javascript errors that prevented navigation, among other things. Fixed.

  • Fixed a problem that prevented users from clicking certain links in an embedded webpage using the Embed Webpage content type.

  • The Event Calendar content type no longer offers unpublished calendars in the dialog. They can't work anyway since unpublished calendars don't have event feeds.


  • All remaining content types have been converted to set their header type dynamically based on other content on the page. This change supports screen readers and other assistive technology to improve accessibility. We first discussed this change in the December 2017 release notes.