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Current Release Notes

March 9, 2021 (Wario Release)


  • Updated Magnolia to version 5.6.14
  • In the filterable search templates, an option was added to have the filters visible by default
  • Added the RSS and Twitter content types to the Calico template


  • Fixed an issue where embedded YouTube videos were not being displayed
  • Updated the video card so that it doesn’t break when the selected video is invalid
  • Adjusted alphabetical anchors in filterable search so that the scrollbar is only visible when it is needed
  • Fixed the aspect ratios for the text, link, and image content type in the flexible section
  • Accessibility: fixed a contrast issue that was reported in the slider content type
  • In the Calendar Events content type, all-day events that last multiple days will show a date range instead of only displaying the start date.
  • Accessibility: In filterable search, removed confusing screen reader readout when switching between views


  • Restored the option to select a default view in filterable search
  • The description field in the social sharing tab of the page properties is now a plain text field instead of a rich text field. This will ensure that HTML tags do not show up when pages are shared on social media. Pages currently using this feature will need to be updated to remove the tags.
  • The default alignment for content types with a choice between left-aligned or centered will now be left-aligned. The option to center content is still available.
  • Removed the introductory text option from the Calico Feature template
  • Each Calendar Events, FAQ Hierarchy, and RSS content type will now have its own expand/collapse toggle instead of sharing one per page.