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Current Release Notes

November 12, 2019 (Penguin release)


  • Accessibility: Every Gato site will now have a site map page and a link to that site map in the footer. Site maps help users understand what a site contains and how the content is organized, which is especially helpful for assistive technology users. The site map will only show pages that are published and not hidden from navigation.


  • Calico: A larger image size will now be used for images in prebuilt sections. This will fix the issue some editors had with images appearing blurry on mobile devices.
  • Additional fixes for asset links in RSS feeds
  • Accessibility: Improved keyboard access to video controls
  • Corrected display of hours of operation in the hours content type for days when a facility is open 24 hours or closed.


  • Calico: The search results page will no longer display a banner image. On some pages, the image was making it difficult to see that a search had been completed and that results were displayed.
  • Calico: The navigation will now show only the first 8 sub-pages in a site. If there are more than 8 sub-pages, the additional pages will be hidden in the navigation. Pages more than 4 levels deep will also be hidden in the navigation.
  • Calico: The option to hide the page title was removed.