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Texas State University

New Gato Features

Filterable Search: List of People

We've seen a lot of different staff/faculty directory pages out there. This will hopefully help make that experience better and more consistent for you.

Step 1 

Using the TXST Filterable Search template, select "List of People" when adding your content.

Step 2

When adding a person: either enter a Net ID to have their information automatically display OR manually enter the person's information. 


-There is a tab for images if they have an image that they would like to show alongside the information. 

Note: Any faculty member that has added an image in Faculty Qualifications will have that picture automatically displayed. Editors can also use the images tab to change faculty's default pictures.

-If the wrong phone number or office building/room number is showing, please update the entry in SAP.

gato box for where to add list of people, gray boxes
Options when adding a person to a filter list: Net ID or manual radio buttons

Examples of Faculty and Staff Information

fulled filled out profile complete with faculty picture, contact info and bio

Faculty that update their profile in Faculty Profiles will see that information pulled in automatically when using "Filterable Search: List of People".

Example faculty with no profile added, TXST star profile image and basic contact info

An example of a faculty member that has not updated their information in Faculty Profiles.

Example staff added, TXST star profile image and basic contact info

Staff have basic contact information displayed automatically at this time. We will be adding office location in a future release.

Need to Update Information?

Do you see inaccurate or missing information with faculty profiles? Make sure to update it in Faculty Qualifications for the most valid information or get some help doing so.