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Historical Release Notes

2019 Gato Release Notes

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  • Enhancements:

    • Released a new university home page template.
    • Added a new Styled List content type.
    • Homepage emergency notifications are now handled through a new app (limited to select editors).
    • Multiple hours of operation can now be included on applicable websites.
    • Accessibility: Added a Calico Site Map template to allow assistive technology users to find content more easily.


    • Fixed a problem where links to some assets with special characters in their file names were not formed correctly.
    • Accessibility: Improved side navigation contrast within the Wittliff template.


    • Improved appearance and accessibility of library hours.
  • Enhancements:

    • Added anchor field to section dialog. You can now create a direct link to a section using this field.


    • Fixed issue where some headers were displaying as gold where they shouldn't be
    • Improved spacing in the form template
    • Fixed bug with date picker on form template that would nullify form field input validation
    • Accessibility: Improved keyboard focus for slider arrows
    • Table content type: Links will no longer break when pasting them into a table
    • Table content type: Background color will still alternate if section background color is enabled
    • Calico: Fixed color of links in intro text


    • Added Open Graph logo meta tag
  • Enhancements:


    • Accessibility: Radio buttons will no longer be skipped when tabbing through forms
    • Accessibility: "Alert" will no longer be read out by screen readers on every required field in Chrome
    • Accessibility: Removed ghost buttons from Text + Image/Video Button content type
    • Calico: Fixed paragraph text color in Call to Action content types
    • Filterable Search: Corrected text spacing corrected for filter items
    • Corrected bottom spacing on Text and Image content type


    • Accessibility: Changed date picker on forms to the standard HTML5 date picker which is more accessible
    • Trumba template: Removed hamburger menu
    • Calico: Intro text field is now a rich text editor
    • All content types will now have consistent header styles.
    • FAQ: Header styles will be preserved for FAQ regardless of the current header level.
  • Enhancements:

    • Filterable Search: Added a new "List of People" type, for creating carefully curated staff directories with photos.
    • Filterable Search: Introduced new "grid" view.


    • Accessibility: Empty headers in rich text editors will be removed
    • Accessibility: Empty links in the sidebar will be removed
    • Fixed bug that prevented users from naming a page "Resources"
    • Calendar Events: Calendar will now load properly even if the selected calendar doesn't have a "room" 


    • Paste Components: The "Paste Components" button will now be available when highlighting an existing component.
    • Accessibility: Headers in rich text editors (Rich Text, Text + Image, FAQ) will now automatically adjust to the current header level. 
    • "More Colors" option removed from the color picker in rich text editors
    • Image Gallery: Alt text no longer required. There is now a "Caption" field for the Image Gallery to describe the gallery as a whole.  
  • Enhancements:

    • Added the new filterable search template.

    • Added a Social Sharing tab to the page properties to support OpenGraph tags for social media sharing customization.


    • Slider: Moving image slide animates when the slides do not auto-rotate.
    • Accessibility: Corrected labeling problem in RSS content type.
    • Accessibility: In the forms template, the colors on the date picker have changed to have more contrast between background and foreground.
    • Calendar content type: Removed an additional "CANCELLED" from showing up on the calendar content type when an event is cancelled.
    • Calendar content type: No longer shows 'click here for more information' link if no web field is entered.
    • Calendar content type: Hide Campus Sponsor if one wasn't provided.


    • Paste buttons have been removed.
    • Added an additional column to the Add Component dialog.

2018 Gato Release Notes

  • Enhancements:

    • Updated the Magnolia Content Manager from 5.5.7 to 5.6.8


    • Accessibility: Corrected an issue with slider arrows on the TXST Homepage that caused empty link errors to occur
    • Accessibility: Fixed an issue causing Jaws to not detect FAQ content correctly
    • Corrected an issue with NetID and A# fields in the form template


    • The publication app in Magnolia was upgraded during this release.  Please report any odd behavior when publishing pages or assets.
  • Enhancements:

    • Redesigned the FAQ content type in preparation for a Magnolia update. The user experience is different, so please check out this updated tool. Previous FAQ content will automatically update to the new user experience.


    • Calendar Content Type: Corrected how past event dates displayed on pages with historical/archived calendar events.

    • Secure Groups: Updated a link for secure group requests in page properties that was broken during a website migration prior to the last release.


    • Updated icons for content types. Icons are now larger and occupy two columns rather than three when selecting content to use.

  • Enhancements:

    • We've added support for https to all pages. You can try it out now by replacing http:// with https:// for any Gato-powered URL. Soon we will activate it so that users are sent to https instead of http by default. This is more secure for our users, but may cause some embedded http content to disappear (Raw HTML, Embed Webpage content types most likely to be affected). If you currently have content that works on your live site but looks broken in the editing environment, it will probably break on your live site after the switch.

    • The Video Card content type is now available in all small column layouts. It looks just like an Image Card but you can link to a video just like the Embed Video content type.

    • Added support for DaCast in the Embed Video and Video Card content types. This is a provider the university uses frequently to live-stream events like commencement.

    • Implemented a new technique to help filter spam on Mail template pages. Please let us know if you continue receiving spam.


    • The Android 9 update introduced javascript errors that prevented navigation, among other things. Fixed.

    • Fixed a problem that prevented users from clicking certain links in an embedded webpage using the Embed Webpage content type.

    • The Event Calendar content type no longer offers unpublished calendars in the dialog. They can't work anyway since unpublished calendars don't have event feeds.


    • All remaining content types have been converted to set their header type dynamically based on other content on the page. This change supports screen readers and other assistive technology to improve accessibility. We first discussed this change in the December 2017 release notes.
  • Enhancements:

    • Added support for the new University Events Calendar powered by Trumba.

    • Minor improvements for the Slider content type.

    • Minor changes to the university homepage to support the new Newsroom site.


    • Fixed a display issue when initiating search on The Wittliff Collections web site after scrolling the page down a little.

    • Special characters will now display correctly when used in card layout filter names.

    • The sitemap content type in alphabetical mode now hides pages that are hidden from navigation. The standard display mode already hid them.

    • Improved the performance and stability of the embed video content type.

    • Vimeo videos now play properly after appearing in a modal, instead of requiring another click on the play button.
      Fixed a problem where sticky navigation covered some of the targeted content after following a page anchor.

    • Fixed a minor display issue with text & image content type on small screens.

    • The Table content type could produce an empty <tbody> tag in some circumstances.


    • Uploads in Assets are now limited to a maximum of 250MB per file.
  • Enhancements:

    • Added the ability for editors to create up to 5 filters on the Mosaic card layout section and then tag individual cards with them. Visitors to the site will be able to click on each filter to show and hide cards.

    • A sidebar navigation block title may now be given a URL and it will become a link.

    • Editors may now create additional header rows in the Table content type, by adding a line which only has one column of content, and making the content begin with an asterisk(*). This information is included in the dialog.

    • Video cards may now have caption text.

    • Video Cards now behave like Image Cards when the Mosaic section is set to one of the cropping values, to help maintain a consistent look.


    • Fixed a problem with the RSS content type when a feed entry has no link.

    • The Image Card content type now allows caption text without a caption title.

    • Improved pasting from Excel into the Table content type, especially when the Excel document has merged cells or columns that are not wide enough for the content.

    • Editors may now add mailto: links anywhere they would add a link.


    • Image and Video cards are now limited to 4 colors instead of the original 7 to help maintain better overall design. Cards using one of the 3 missing colors have been automatically converted to an appropriate option from the 4 remaining.

2017 Gato Release Notes

  • Enhancements:

    • Significantly changed the way javascript and CSS is included on web pages to improve performance.
    • The RSS content type has been rewritten to be more robust. More data (particularly thumbnail images) will be identified in a wider range of feeds.
    • Improved the accessibility of the mobile slideout menu.
    • Custom CSS is now pre-processed to prevent a block with an error in it from negatively affecting other blocks.
    • Section titles may now optionally be left-aligned.
    • Header tags are now dynamically altered to create a more accessible document, especially when the new section titles are utilized. For example, when adding a text & image to a section with a section title, the section title will be an h2 and the text & image title will be an h3. This creates a better document hierarchy for screen readers and other assistive technologies.
    • The collage and mosaic sections may now have section titles and background color, like all the other section types.
    • FAQ answers now have an id attribute that may be used to create a link for that answer. Visiting the link would scroll the page to that answer and automatically expand that answer so that it is visible.
    • Stand-alone image cards (those that are not in a mosaic or collage section) may now be set in the editing dialog to be cropped to a specific ratio.
    • Video slides may now have caption text in addition to a title.


    • Fixed a problem with the table content type where <br> tags were inappropriately visible on mobile.
    • When a button content type is set to "Reverse" style and placed in a section with a background color, it no longer has a white background.
    • Fixed an accessibility issue for the RSS content type.
    • Fixed a problem that crashed pages when an editor tried to add an image with an unsupported format.
    • Fixed a problem where adding a hash to an internal link would make the link more fragile (broken link after page renamed or moved).
    • Fixed an issue that could cause content to overlap the sidebar after resizing the browser window.


    • Numerous changes to padding and margin all over the system. Overall there should be a slight reduction in empty space. Additionally, many unusual situations produced unintended extra margin and have been cleaned up.
    • Changed the indent behavior for lists in the rich editor and text and image content types.
    • Design change: The play button on video slides has been moved to the center of the image in some cases.
    • Design change: The image card and slider content types have been adjusted to match each other better when side by side.
  • Enhancements:

    • Mosaic Layout now has an option to make all its image cards the same height, to create a tighter look. Note that this option will crop images to achieve the effect.
    • Slightly improved the performance of the Mosaic and Collage Layouts.
    • Article List content type may now specify a time in the published date.
    • Table content type may now be given a caption to display above the table. Captions added this way will be more clearly associated with the table than a preceding paragraph, especially for screen readers.


    • Fixed a problem with Mosaic and Collage Layouts where the card positions would be miscalculated the first time a user views the page.
    • Fixed a problem with links in the RSS feed generated from an Article List content type.
    • Some sites were given an empty social media sidebar in the last release. They've been removed.
    • Fixed a couple minor display issues that began in the last release.
    • Fixed a problem introduced in the last release where editors could not update video links in the Embed Video, Video Card, and Video Slide content types. Any links updated in the last month will begin to work immediately.


    • Minor adjustment to spacing for all content types.
  • Enhancements:

    • Column sections may now have titles. For instance, now you may place a title centered above a three column layout.
    • Column sections may now have a background color. The background color will stretch all the way to the side of the window. Will not function if the section is next to the sidebar; that would be weird.
    • Added a new content type to display a percentage, great for highlighting statistics or indicating project progress.
    • Added a new content type to help create a list of links to articles, along with the author, date, and a short summary. When you use this content type and "Enable RSS Feed" in page properties, the resulting RSS feed is especially useful.
    • Added two new section types, Collage and Mosaic, for adding multiple "card" content types. The cards will be laid out in columns and arranged to use the space efficiently and attractively. See the Gato documentation for more information.
    • The Slider content type has a new slide option, the Moving Image slide. The slide can be configured to pan across or zoom in or out on your image. This provides a sense of motion without needing to create a video file.
    • Added the Image Card content type to regular column sections, in the small columns. This is a new content type introduced for the new Collage and Mosaic sections, but it is also useful in any small column, so it is available.
    • Greatly improved accessibility for the FAQ, Calendar, and RSS content types.
    • When uploading a zip file to Assets, you may now choose whether to create a container folder (until now, it always created a container folder). We also no longer include ".zip" in the folder name.
    • When creating a content type that includes an "Add More" field, the field will start with one empty entry instead of needing to click the More button once.


    • Fixed an issue where RSS feeds without feed titles broke the RSS content type.
    • Fixed a problem with the thumbnail selector in Image Gallery where it would not display the full image during cropping.
    • Greatly improved the cache settings for CSS and javascript files, increasing overall browsing performance for the public web sites.
    • Social media links to Google Plus will now automatically receive the correct icon instead of the default icon.
    • Fixed an accessibility error on the Icon & Text content type.
    • Fixed a problem on the mail template where radio buttons with long labels did not wrap properly.
    • After clicking the play button on a video slide, the video will begin playing immediately when it appears, instead of needing a second click (only with Youtube, Vimeo, and Mediaflo).
    • Fixed a number of critical bugs for editors trying to use Chrome or Firefox on a computer with a an optional touchscreen to update their pages.
    • Fixed a problem where pages with many Embed Video content types could take so long to load that they could not be properly published.


    • Adjusted spacing and padding for all content types.
    • Social media links are now added to the sidebar all in one dialog, instead of adding each link individually.
    • Changed a few things in the basic HTML page structure; may affect custom CSS previously entered by editors.
  • Enhancements:

    • When browsing for an asset to add to a content type, there is now a preview panel to help identify the asset.
    • Added an "App Switcher" to the editor interface. Press Alt-Shift (Windows) or Option-Shift (Mac) to quickly switch between Pages and Assets.
    • Added a little extra security to prevent webpages embedded in the Embed Webpage content type from affecting the rest of the page.
    • Embed Video content type now follows the oEmbed standard to ask each video provider for the best embed code to use, improving overall functionality.
    • Youtube videos may now include a link on mobile devices to open the video in the Youtube app. This is especially useful for panoramic and virtual reality videos because they currently function poorly in mobile browsers.
    • Added new icons to the Icon and Text content type.
    • The Slider content type has received a number of updates:
      • When the title/caption appear on top of the image, they use less space, are a little bit transparent, and the amount of text allowed to display is limited.
      • The previous and next arrows have been altered.
      • The slider should appear to load faster.
      • Accessibility has been improved.
      • A new type of slide has been made available, for adding videos to your Slider. It functions similarly to the big slider on the university homepage.


    • Accessibility improvements to the new search functionality (hotfixed Dec 5, 2016)
    • Search input box no longer shows "searchid is xxxxxxxx" after you click on a person. It was confusing.
    • Titles such as "Dr." now included with person search results. Had been lost in the big search update.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented a small number of old PDF files from being downloaded.
    • News items on the university homepage may now all be published in one action.
    • Fixed a problem with the site banner image on mobile devices after changing from portrait to landscape orientation.
    • The new search feature now places focus inside the input box immediately on mobile devices (which also brings up the keyboard), and maintains focus after selecting one of the two radio buttons.
    • Fixed a problem with the new site search where search results would disappear after clicking a result and then using the back button (hotfixed Feb 21, 2017).
    • Fixed a display problem on android devices with their font size accessibility setting set larger than normal.
    • Fixed a problem that caused publishing a page to fail and continue to fail until Gato support intervened.
    • Resolved scrolling problems with the site list in Pages (most prevalent in Google Chrome browser).
    • Fixed accessibility issues for Slider, Image Gallery, the form template, and the new search functionality.


    • A list inside a text and image paragraph will no longer wrap below the image if it starts to the side of the image. It broke the structure of the list and was less readable.
    • Editors are no longer allowed to change the name of their site in Assets.

2016 Gato Release Notes

  • Enhancements:

    • When browsing for an asset to add to a content type, there is now a preview panel to help identify the asset.
    • Added an "App Switcher" to the editor interface. Press Alt-Shift (Windows) or Option-Shift (Mac) to quickly switch between Pages and Assets.
    • Added a little extra security to prevent webpages embedded in the Embed Webpage content type from affecting the rest of the page.
    • Embed Video content type now follows the oEmbed standard to ask each video provider for the best embed code to use, improving overall functionality.
    • Youtube videos may now include a link on mobile devices to open the video in the Youtube app. This is especially useful for panoramic and virtual reality videos because they currently function poorly in mobile browsers.
    • Added new icons to the Icon and Text content type.
    • The Slider content type has received a number of updates:
      • When the title/caption appear on top of the image, they use less space, are a little bit transparent, and the amount of text allowed to display is limited.
      • The previous and next arrows have been altered.
      • The slider should appear to load faster.
      • Accessibility has been improved.
      • A new type of slide has been made available, for adding videos to your Slider. It functions similarly to the big slider on the university homepage.


    • Accessibility improvements to the new search functionality (hotfixed Dec 5, 2016)
    • Search input box no longer shows "searchid is xxxxxxxx" after you click on a person. It was confusing.
    • Titles such as "Dr." now included with person search results. Had been lost in the big search update.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented a small number of old PDF files from being downloaded.
    • News items on the university homepage may now all be published in one action.
    • Fixed a problem with the site banner image on mobile devices after changing from portrait to landscape orientation.
    • The new search feature now places focus inside the input box immediately on mobile devices (which also brings up the keyboard), and maintains focus after selecting one of the two radio buttons.
    • Fixed a problem with the new site search where search results would disappear after clicking a result and then using the back button (hotfixed Feb 21, 2017).
    • Fixed a display problem on android devices with their font size accessibility setting set larger than normal.
    • Fixed a problem that caused publishing a page to fail and continue to fail until Gato support intervened.
    • Resolved scrolling problems with the site list in Pages (most prevalent in Google Chrome browser).
    • Fixed accessibility issues for Slider, Image Gallery, the form template, and the new search functionality.


    • A list inside a text and image paragraph will no longer wrap below the image if it starts to the side of the image. It broke the structure of the list and was less readable.
    • Editors are no longer allowed to change the name of their site in Assets.
  • Enhancements:

    • Search has been completely redesigned:
      • Searching on a specific site will retain the look and feel of the site while displaying results.
      • The global search results page is now hosted in Gato and fits with the look and feel of the 2015 template.
      • The old PeopleSearch application is no longer necessary, as all of its functionality has been moved to the global search results page.
    • Calendar content type now has an option to hide repeat occurrences of ongoing events.
    • Sitemap content type now visually indicates when one of the pages it's linking to has not been published. The published version of the sitemap will leave those links out entirely.
    • Moved from the old ITS login service to a new ITS login service. You'll notice the login page has a new design more in line with some other services on campus.
    • When adding a new content type to a section, you can choose whether you want to add it at the top or at the bottom.
    • After creating a new page, editors will immediately be presented with the page properties dialog.
    • There is a new button in the top right of the editing interface for opening the page in a new tab. This button does not trigger a pop-up warning. The action in the menu on the right does trigger a pop-up warning and will be removed in a later release.


    • Fixed an accessibility problem with the mobile slideout menu (hotfixed 09-20-2016)
    • Fixed a problem where the RSS content type would not follow HTTP to HTTPS redirects
    • On a mail template page, the form data tool link will now open one new tab, not two
    • The target="_blank" attribute was inappropriately being removed in the raw HTML content type. We try to leave raw HTML content alone, as much as possible.
    • Following an anchor link would sometimes scroll to the wrong position on the page, especially on mobile devices.
    • Fixed a UI issue after uploading a complicated zip archive to Assets.


    • The Texas State templates are no longer referred to by year (2015).
    • The slider content type no longer changes height when changing slides. This prevents content from moving around without warning (while someone is reading content below it) when the slider auto-rotates to the next slide.
  • Forms Template (formerly mail template)

    • Renamed the Mail Template to the Form Template
    • The Text Field content type dialog box has been redesigned.
          •   Added option to limit character input. People filling in the form will see a character countdown.
          •   Improved data type and input combinations so they make more sense.
    • The submit button is automatically created. Editors can change the default Submit text.
    • Improved content type dialog boxes.
    • If you do not set a subject line, the e-mail sent will use the page title as the e-mail subject.
    • The date picker now properly scrolls to dates earlier than 2006.
    • Fixed a problem that occurred when one or more options contained a quote (") character.
    • If there is a Form Template error, the browser window will automatically move to the first error field.

    Document Content Type

    • The Document content type now allows editors to choose multiple files. This significantly reduces the padding between download links, compared with adding multiple Document content elements.

    Rich Editor Content Type

    • Tables
          •    Added background color options for title rows.
          •    Improved visual appearance.
          •    Improved responsive layout.
    • Rich Editor dialogs are larger to provide more editing space.
    • Links in the rich editor may no longer be set to another color. This change is due to user experience best practices.

     Icon & Text Content type

    • More icons are available (FontAwesome 4.6.3).

    Table Content Type

    • Links are now preserved while pasting data from Excel into the Table.
    • Choosing the small font option now reduces the font in the title row proportionally.

    Page Deletions

    • Confirmation dialog warning includes the total number of pages and sub-pages about to be deleted

    RSS Content Type

    • Thumbnails will display if they are included in the feed and follow the mediarss extension format.

    Advanced Editors

    • Custom Javascript code may now depend on javascript libraries.Custom javascript will not execute until all dependencies have successfully loaded. Editors should link to a good external CDN library or upload a javascript file into Assets.
    • Raw HTML content is now pre-processed to ensure it does not have extra opening or closing HTML tags that could cause the entire page to break.

    Page Editing

    • Content (content types and/or entire sections) within a page may now be duplicated for easier creation of repetitive patterns.
    • When automatically generating anchor tags for page content, we no longer generate strings that begin with a number, as that is not valid HTML.
    • Links may no longer be set to open in a new tab or window, except on the Form Template. This changed is based on best practices for user experience and accessibility.

    FAQ Content Type

    • Fixed a problem where the FAQ crashed and couldn’t be edited if an answer contained UTF8 control characters - usually a result of pasting from Word.

    Image Gallery

    • Fixed a problem where trying to pinch and zoom an image in the image gallery full screen presentation could produce unexpected results.
    • Fixed a problem where sometimes the image gallery full screen presentation did not choose the optimal image resolution.

    Standard Template editing fixes and improvements

    • Fixed a problem where content types would appear over or under the sidebar.
    • Fixed a problem where some links in the RSS version of a Gato page were incorrect.
    • For Buttons, fixed internal links that broke when page names were changed or pages were moved.
    • Empty columns will no longer display.
    • Minor fixes for the University homepage template.
    • The Assets tree may now be sorted by clicking on one of the columns in the header row (e.g. "Asset name").
    • Four-column section now collapses to a 2x2 layout at 800 pixels instead of 600 pixels.
    • Some messages for editors have been removed, as they were more annoying than helpful.
    • Minor style changes for the standard template. 
  • Features:

    • Rich Editor tables have been redesigned to be more responsive. It is no longer possible to specify a width in pixels, or cell padding, since these settings are sure to break the display on different devices.
    • Rich Editor tables now allow you to choose from one of the approved header colors, and enable alternating rows to have alternating background colors.
    • Icon & Text paragraph now allows searching for icons by name. Other visual improvements.
    • Slider images are now cropped to 16:9 aspect ratio in the 2015 template. Previously, they were cropped to 16:9 in the 2009 template, and 3:2 in the 2015 template. Content updates may be required. A separate e-mail went out about this issue.
    • In Assets, upon creating a new folder, you are now immediately prompted to name it something other than "untitled".
    • When a CSS, JS, or Navigation block is inherited from an ancestor page, there is now a "Jump to Original" link to navigate to the originating page.
    • It is no longer possible to drag and drop a page to another site, to prevent accidents. Still possible to use the "Move Page" button.
    • It is no longer possible to accidentally delete or deactivate an entire site.
    • It is no longer possible to unpublish a page while previewing it, again to prevent accidents.
    • Following a link to a file in Assets will now open the file in the browser, if the browser can display it. Otherwise it will download as normal.
    • Sites in Pages and Assets will now be sorted by name instead of title.
    • The 2015 template now allows you to choose whether your site should have a prominent "Apply Now" button in the footer.
    • The Embed Video content type now includes better support for the Mediaflo service, including the ability to simply paste the Watch link into the dialog.
    • Various minor visual improvements to the 2015 template.

    Bug Fixes:

    • The system should be able to create nightly versions again to help editors restore pages to previous versions without having to call Gato support.
    • Minor fixes associated with upgrading Magnolia to 5.4.4.
    • Gato pages viewed as an RSS feed will now have appropriate dates on the RSS items.
    • Fixed a problem with HTML in the header row of the table in the Table content type.
    • Made a pass to increase support for viewing pages IE8 (please do not edit Gato with IE8).
    • Fixed a page error when a mail form template submit button was left with a blank name.
    • Fixed a problem where YouTube videos could hang instead of playing on iOS devices.
    • Fixed a problem that made it impossible to use the search bar in the 2015 template on some Android devices.
    • Visual improvements for text & image captions.
    • Visual improvement of various mouse hover effects.
  • Features:

    • Editors may now use the main navigation (drop down menu) to change pages while editing.
    • Added a Text & Icon content type allowing editors to use icons from FontAwesome instead of uploading an image like one would with Text & Image.
    • Separators may now be added to the mail template.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed some issues with words wrapping in odd places.
    • Redirect pages that contain an ampersand (&) are no longer broken.
    • Fixed a problem where internal links would break after moving or renaming the target page. If you continue to have trouble, try editing and re-saving the internal link.
    • Improved performance of initial page loads.
    • Users without permissions now get a friendlier error message, and are able to log in without clearing cookies once permissions have been added.
    • Logging in with a capitalized NetID no longer throws an error.
    • Many minor style improvements on the 2015 template.
    • Fixed some issues with dropdown menus on touch screens.
    • Fixed problem where Data Type would be set to E-mail Address every time you tried to edit a text input on the mail template.
    • Social Media links now appear in the mobile navigation menu.
    • Fixed a problem with the Button content type where internal links came out broken.
    • Twitter content type now stores 10x the tweets for twice as long, so choosing the "Ignore Replies" option carries reduced risk of a very short list of tweets.
    • Many small alterations to the University Homepage and how it is edited.
    • Fixed a problem where bad data could cause the Table content type not to render (or show a yellow error message in the editor environment).
    • Whether a page is published or not is now indicated by both shape and color, to be more accessible with color-blindness.
    • Text & Image editor now has colors and internal links, like the Rich Editor already had.
    • Fixed a problem on the mail template where naming an input "Name" would cause a javascript error.
    • RSS content type no longer prints "Paragraph" as the title for entries that have no title.
    • Fixed a problem where some URLs produced file downloads when a page was expected.
    • Removed the brown border around tables in Rich Editor.

2015 Gato Release Notes

  • Major Change:

    • Updated our core software (Magnolia CMS) from 4.5.24 to 5.4.2.
    • This was a major upgrade which involved rewriting nearly everything we've ever done.
    • The Gato project is now open source and available on Github at
    • Launched a new standard template (the 2015 template) in cooperation with University Marketing.
    • Launched a new university homepage.

    Editor Interface:

    • "AdminCentral" no longer appears anywhere in the interface.
    • Completely redesigned.
    • More friendly to editing on a tablet, but that experience still has issues to work through.
    • Editing in Gato no longer opens new browser windows/tabs. 
    • "tabs" for each page open inside the editing interface, and paragraph dialogs appear modally.
    • All images and documents are now stored in the Assets area, which is very similar to the old Documents area.
    • Folders and files in the old Documents area have been moved to Assets
    • Images and documents that were previously uploaded directly to a page have been moved to a folder underneath your site in Assets, named "migrated_files".
    • All asset links in Gato except those in Raw HTML paragraphs have been updated to reflect the new locations.
    • Most asset links that are saved in Raw HTML, other systems, or in your browser bookmarks will continue to work, but they should be updated as soon as possible.

    2015 Template Features:

    • Designed to look nice at any device width, and assist editors in creating content that looks just as good.
    • Building a page now begins with building "Sections".
    • Sections are one of a variety of column layouts to help organize your page, such as 50/50, 33/33/33, 33/67, and so on.
    • Multi-column sections will begin to stack at small screen widths so that all your content fits on the screen.
    • The paragraph types you're used to are available inside each section column.

    Paragraph Changes:

    • Paragraphs have been re-designed to fit in whatever width you give them.
    • Images in your paragraphs have been made responsive, so that each device may request a size appropriate for its display. As a general rule, you will want to upload images that are large enough for the largest screens, and trust Gato to scale them down for smaller devices.
    • Added a Button paragraph for creating buttons with a consistent appearance system-wide.
    • Added a Separator paragraph for creating an HR tag to visually divide content.
    • The Feature paragraph has been converted to the Slider paragraph and the thumbnail tabs have been eliminated in favor of making the central content larger.
    • The Download paragraph has been rolled into the Documents paragraph since all files are now stored in Assets.
    • The Sitemap and Sub-pages paragraphs have been combined into one paragraph with two different display styles.
    • The Streaming Media paragraph is now named "Embed Video" and no longer supports splash images. Instead the video embed is displayed on the page immediately.
    • Application Porthole is now named "Embed Webpage" and works the same.
    • The Image Gallery paragraph's detail view may now be swiped and does not require flash for fullscreen mode.
    • The Text & Image paragraph now restrains the image so that it does not stretch larger than its original size. This was required for wider device support.
    • The Text & Image paragraph can now be configured so that the image uses the full width of its container (if the image is large enough, of course). Large images were converted to this configuration during the upgrade.
    • The "Line Above" checkbox in the Text & Image paragraph and several others has been converted to the new Separator paragraph.
    • The Twitter paragraph no longer floats beside your other content. The new way to do this is to create a section with multiple columns, once you've moved to the 2015 template.
    • Banner images in the 2009 template no longer auto-rotate but a random selection will appear every 5 minutes. This style of banner image is being phased out in favor of the 2015 style: one high-quality header image to imprint your branding.

    Known Issues:

    • Some images that were not previously being sent to our image handler to be re-sized now appear rotated 90 degrees. These images are corrupt and need to be repaired. Gato support can assist you with this process.
    • The basic HTML structure of our paragraphs has changed, along with CSS classes and rules. Any custom CSS or Javascript on your pages may have broken. We reviewed a large number of sites and repaired a few of them ourselves, but we may have missed yours.
    • Custom javascript is now included as if it were a file instead of inline in the HTML. If you were previously escaping your script tag to include a library or something, that will no longer work. Instead you should use javascript to create your script element. We have a planned feature that will allow you to create custom Javascript blocks that include external libraries.
    • The "Join the Conversation" section of the navigation sidebar has been renamed to "Social Media", and "Share this page" has been eliminated. This leaves some pages with a completely empty sidebar. We recommend disabling the sidebar on those pages.
    • Our Google Analytics support now requires you to opt-in to the Universal Analytics upgrade that happened a couple years ago.
    • The Rich Editor paragraph makes it easy to break your page on small devices when you add tables and images. Stay tuned for upgrades to address these issues. Until then, try to use Sections and Text & Image when possible, and Rich Editor as a last resort.
  • Enhancements:

    • Digital Signs may now opt-out of automatic volume and/or backlight control.

    Bug Fixes:

    • The RSS paragraph no longer breaks when given feed URLs that contain ampersands or other special characters.
    • Fixed a problem where editors could accidentally lock themselves out of the admin interface.
    • Fixed Google Analytics data collection for the Wittliff Collection.
    • Table paragraph now allows numeric sorting even when commas and percent symbols are present in the data.
    • Mail Form template no longer prints the page title twice.
  • Enhancements:

    • Digital Signs may now be scheduled based on a date range, days of the week, and/or time of day.
    • Digital Signs that use our Chromebox hardware setup may now adjust television volume and backlighting as well as power off the television when no sign is scheduled to display. This configuration takes place in the new Digital Sign Schedule template in Gato.
    • Gato pages may now be configured so that access requires membership in a specific AD group.
    • The Twitter paragraph now has an option to disable the display of replies.
    • The Streaming Media paragraph now uses Vimeo's iframe player for Vimeo videos, which often plays natively in the browser instead of depending on Adobe Flash.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Updated to magnolia 4.5.24, which includes various fixes.
    • Spellcheck has been re-enabled for paragraphs that use a rich editor.
    • Left-side navigation now expands and collapses properly in all cases.
    • Events on the university homepage may no longer end before they begin.

2014 Gato Release Notes

  • Enhancements:

    • Rich Editor now gives ability to center images.
    • Rich Editor now gives ability to resize images in place, by dragging the bottom right corner.
    • While editing a Rich Editor paragraph, the content now much more closely reflects the end result.
    • Added Student ID ("A" number) as a data type for e-mail forms.
    • University Homepage got a minor redesign.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Content currency reminders are once again sent at the proper time.
    • Switching between mobile and desktop view was broken on certain Android devices.
    • Font for e-mail form fields now more standardized.
    • RSS Paragraph now removes HTML tags from feed entries when "Summary Only" is selected.
    • Image Gallery and Feature Paragraph dialogs now include more detailed instructions.
    • Minor spelling and grammatical changes all over the admin interface.
    • ePub and Mobi file formats now recognized in Documents area and Download Paragraph.
    • When deleting a page, the confirmation message is more helpful.
    • Fixed a problem where some pages had the wrong title in mobile navigation.
    • Internet Explorer is now instructed not to run in compatibility mode on Gato pages, fixing various issues.
  • Enhancements:

    • Added the new Feature paragraph, for prominently featuring new articles/pages.
    • Multiple improvements to accessibility such as skip-navigation links.
    • Selecting a date on an E-Mail Form is now easier on mobile devices.
    • Now able to zoom pages in and out on mobile devices.
    • Extra wide paragraphs like tables no longer break the layout on mobile devices.
    • Text and Image paragraph now allows you to add a link for the image.
    • Calendar paragraph now allows you to specify a date range to be displayed, as an alternative to the existing "days into the future" setting.
    • RSS paragraph now fully supports RSS2 format and individual entries are collapsible/expandable similar to the FAQ Hierarchy paragraph.
    • When a page is viewed as an RSS feed, the links point to anchors so that the correct paragraph is visible when the link is visited.
    • Many paragraph types now render more logically when the page is viewed as an RSS feed.
    • Multiple paragraphs that were using FCKEditor for editing are now using the latest version of CKEditor.  This should fix multiple recent browser issues.
    • Image Gallery paragraph thumbnail cropping tool got multiple upgrades as part of the development of the Feature paragraph.  For instance, your saved crop is now visible when editing the image, and there are now buttons for maximizing and clearing the crop selection.
    • Green bars for adding paragraphs are now clickable anywhere.
    • The form data tool now exports Excel files with working links to the attachments.
    • Upgraded to the latest Google Analytics.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed a problem with users who logged in with a capitalized netID.
    • PDFs from DMS should now display inline when appropriate instead of always downloading.
    • Fix for University Homepage audience pages: links were not editable.
    • Fix for University Homepage: marketing module items could not be re-arranged.
    • Saving an FAQ Hierarchy paragraph will now update the last modified time on the page and change the activation status to pending.
    • Fixed a problem with the Image Gallery thumbnail cropper where incorrect numbers were saved after dragging the selection.
    • Fixed a problem where some sites displayed an old parent organization.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause an infinite redirect loop when someone with a valid netID but no Gato access attempted to log in to Gato.


  • Enhancements:

    • When users come to training, they may now log in with their own netid, and automatically get a pre-designed training website and document repository to work with.
    • When a user enters an incorrect username in the Twitter paragraph, an error is now displayed, instead of just remaining blank.
    • Made cosmetic changes to the University Advancement site.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed a number of display errors where ampersands and other characters would show incorrectly.
    • Restored ability to use HTML in form field descriptions.
    • Google Analytics again works on all pages.
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the loading of third-party javascript libraries.
    • Greatly improved the speed and stability of exporting pages.
    • When choosing a template for a page, editors will no longer see a long list full of unfamiliar items.
  • Bug Fixes:

    • Side navigation external links that were missing the "http://" portion stopped working after the latest update.  This update fixes the vast majority of those.  Remaining broken links will be in the nightly report and should be fully specified by the page author.
    • Side navigation links displayed a URL instead of the title of the target page, after the most recent update.  This has been fixed.
    • Empty side navigation blocks showed a useless "placeholder" box in edit mode.  This has been removed.
    • Redirect pages with special characters no longer fail to redirect.
    • Minor fixes for the Wittliff Collection templates.
    • News items on the homepage now appear in descending order again.
    • The Twitter paragraph has been updated to create secure connections, satisfying a Twitter requirement.

2013 Gato Release Notes

  • Enhancements:

    • Upgraded to Magnolia 4.5.13. This is a very large update that changes the look and feel of the editing interface, in addition to drastic behind-the-scenes changes.  Some templates and paragraphs had to be adapted to the new style.
    • Login now happens via our single-sign-on CAS server.
    • Alkek Library has a new mobile interface.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Main menus are now usable on tablet devices.
    • Activation is now transactional - if anything goes wrong during the activation, the entire activation fails as a whole.
    • The data imported with the Calendar paragraph's Add to My Calendar button is more reliable.
    • AddThis and Google Analytics javascript libraries will no longer delay page loads.
  • Enhancements:

    • RSS paragraph may now be sorted in ascending or descending order, or left unsorted.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Complete overhaul of twitter paragraph in response to twitter's closure of the public search API.
    • Various bug fixes associated with upgrade of Magnolia to 4.4.7.

2012 Gato Release Notes

  • Features:

    • Optimized many images for smaller downloads.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed the height of a streaming media paragraph when displaying a youtube video with a control bar.
    • Fixed an issue where IE7 & IE8 users were unable to successfully add custom css and javascript.

    Bug Fixes for Library homepage:

    • Searchbox "Reserves" tab when searching eReserve -> now actually searches instead of just sending you to another search box
    • The slideshow at the top of the page got a blank slide when you added links underneath the Library Hours section. Deleting the blank slide deleted the links too. Fixed.
    • Descriptive text inside the search box was not being activated with the rest of the page. Fixed.
  • Features:

    • Various updates to the Library Homepage template.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed a memory leak that occasionally caused service interruption on gato-edit.
    • Fixed an issue with special characters in the Twitter feed on the University Homepage.
  • Features:

    • When editing a DMS object, description editor now has a "Source" button.
    • When viewing on a mobile device, there is now a link at bottom that will swap in the full-sized version of the page.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Multiple fixes and style changes for the Library Homepage template.
    • Calendar Paragraph shows the cancelled stamp over cancelled events again.
    • Calendar Paragraph shows images correctly again.
    • Fixed a bug when pasting into a custom Javascript or CSS dialog.
    • When viewed from a mobile device, the page is no longer far too wide.
  • Bug Fixes:

    • jQuery and Prototype upgraded to the latest versions.
    • Fixed a display issue with the top banner on very small screens.
    • Fixed the datepicker on the E-Mail templates of the TSUS and University Advancement designs.
    • Fixed a bug with dragging and dropping FAQ questions in the FAQ Hierarchy paragraph in Firefox.
    • Fixed a problem for E-Mail template form elements with similar names to one another.
    • Adapted Calendar paragraph for use with the new calendar server.
    • DMS documents with unrecognized file extensions now get a generic icon instead of a broken image.


  • Enhancements:

    • Custom CSS is no longer entered in the page properties. It now has a modal pop-up just like Custom Javascript has.
    • Email template selection paragraph now accepts pipe-separated entries, e.g. "value|label". The value appears in the email/database, the label appears in the form.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Text and Image paragraph now absolutely obeys the image width set by the user, if they set it.
    • Fixed a mail template bug where e-mail addresses were not being properly validated.
    • Custom Javascript blocks now have a "None" option under "Framework", for people who are only adding function declarations.
    • Fixed a bug where <form> tags would be removed from FAQ Answers.
    • Very long breadcrumbs now wrap nicely on the University Advancement template.


  • Enhancements:

    • First version of the digital sign project
    Bug Fixes:
    • DMS download paragraphs now show up as broken links when the document has been deleted instead of disappearing entirely.
    • Fixed a page crash when a DMS image is used for banners and later deleted.
    • Fixed a problem where images with spaces in the filename would fail to load in certain places (mostly the streaming media paragraph)
    • Fixed a crash of the mobile template when no banner images were present but page was marked to show a banner image.


  •   Enhancements:

    • Images in the Text & Image and Rich Editor paragraphs will now be resized for smaller downloads when appropriate.
    • FAQ Paragraph is now the FAQ Hierarchy paragraph, allowing multiple levels of categories into which to organize questions.
    • Added a Twitter paragraph for displaying a Twitter feed on your Gato page.
    Bug Fixes:
    • When editing custom javascript or other modal dialogs, the dialog no longer disappears after a page load.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • E-mail form validation looks a little better on a non-white background.
    • Text & Image images are now pre-scaled for faster download.
    • Wittliff Collection pages now send data to Google Analytics.
  •  Enhancements:

    • E-mail form template allows editors to restrict an input to be a valid Texas State e-mail address.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Other small fixes for e-mail form validations.
    • Fixed a small potential javascript memory leak on the university homepage.
    • Small images in text & image paragraph may now be upsized slightly, and captions should line up better with the width of the image.
    • Fixed broken image when using a DMS image for a page banner.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug on the new homepage in Chrome for Mac, where the dropdown link menu appeared without a background image.
    • Various other fixes for the new homepage design.
    • Fixed a problem that caused 404s when two sites had very similar names
  • Enhancements:
    • Added new homepage design (not yet visible to the public).
  • Bug Fixes:

    • Upgraded to the latest version of magnolia.
    • Printed pages were incorrectly including side navigation after last month's update.  Fixed.
    • Banner images with a defined URL are now fully clickable (previously there was a partial obstruction).

2011 Gato Release Notes

  • Enhancements:

    • Custom Javascript may now be added to Mail Form pages.  Also added to University Advancement and TSUS templates.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Mail form netID fields now validate as correct when the netID is entered with capital letters.
    • Fixed a loophole that incorrectly allowed two pages with the same name to exist in the same place.
    • When pages are rendered on a mobile device, they now use the correct banner image data.
    • Fixed some javascript errors, especially in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Enhancements:

    • Mail form templates may now require date input to fall within a specified range.
    • Mail form template has a new javascript date-picker widget.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Image Gallery thumbnail editor works again.
    • Mail form template now renders properly when the page's left sidebar is turned off.
    • Mail form template may now use an external link as the confirmation page.
    • Gato pages now display the proper banner images when viewed from a mobile device.
    • Clicking a banner image without a specified URL was taking users to a 404 page.  Fixed.
    • When adding a new banner image, users are now required to actually provide an image.
    • Custom Javascript is now combined into as few <script> tags as possible, solving some order-of-execution problems in Internet Explorer.
  • Enhancements:

    • Admin interface for banner images redesigned.  Now possible to upload more than 5 images, set up advanced inheritance rules, and activate a slideshow mode.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Main menus now work properly on the site index template.
    • Minor fix for the tabbed module on the university homepage.
  • Enhancements:

    • Added the ability for advanced users to put javascript into the document head.  Javascript blocks created this way can also be set to be inherited by subpages.
    • Added ability to write these new javascript blocks under the jQuery framework without causing conflicts or having to load the jQuery library file.
    • E-mail form pages now validate NetID against LDAP, instead of depending on a regular expression.
    • Upgraded our caching of static elements (such as images and stylesheets) to significantly improve performance.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Various minor fixes.
  • Enhancements:

    • Updated scriptaculous javascript library to the latest version.
    • Minor changes for the special events area of the university homepage.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed a crash when accessing page properties on the university homepage.
    • Small fixes for the text & image paragraph.
    • Solved a problem where the main menus would sometimes incorrectly skip pages.
    • Fixed a small bug when deleting an item from the Document Management System.
    • Fixed a problem with video on Android devices.
  • Enhancements:

    • Image Galleries now offer the ability to display a slideshow in fullscreen (using Flash).
    • Created a global javascript variable called serverDateTime. It is a Date() object with the server's current date and time. Using this is more reliable than "new Date()" because it does not depend on the user's clock being set correctly.
    • The rich editor in the FAQ paragraph has been upgraded to more closely match the Rich Editor paragraph.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Various fixes for activation.
    • The e-mail form template now works better on mobile devices.
    • Site info removed from printed pages, footer is more visible instead.
    • Fix for video playback under IE7 and IE8.
    • Custom template fixes for University Advancement.
  • Enhancements:

    • Custom template work for Wittliff Special Collections and University Advancement.
  • Enhancements:

    • Stale content reminder setting is now inherited from parent pages to child pages by default.
    • The page footer is now included when printing a page.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Linkchecker should stop sending improper stale content reminders.
    • Display improvements for sites with exceptionally long titles.
    • Streaming media paragraph now correctly errors out if the user doesn't provide valid dimensions.
    • Streaming media paragraph compatibility updates.
    • The new android tablet no longer receives the mobile version of gato pages.
    • Upgraded Javascript library (Prototype) to 1.7.0, which includes many fixes for IE9, among others.
    • Image from Text & Image paragraph occasionally disappeared from mobile version of gato pages. No longer.
  • Enhancements:

    • Social media links can now have custom icons and titles (optional).

    Bug Fixes:

    • When viewing old versions of a page, images now load properly.
    • Custom CSS from page properties now appears in the mobile version of the page, as well.
    • Other minor fixes and improvements.
  • Enhancements:

    • Deleted pages are no longer deleted immediately, but wait until the change is activated like other content updates.
    • Editors now receive notice of other people editing a page at the same time as they are.

2010 Gato Release Notes

  • Enhancements:

    • The mobile template, and especially the Photo Gallery paragraph, are now optimized for high-resolution displays (such as the iPhone 4's Retina Display).

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue with streaming videos on Windows that would cause them to not play.
    • Added visual indication when links to another page in Gato have been broken because the page being linked to has been deleted.
  • New Features/Enhancements:

    • Added the ability to link easily to social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr currently) from the sidebar.
    • RSS paragraphs can now be limited to display only a certain number of items from the RSS feed.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Images in Text & Image paragraphs on mail form pages now align correctly again.
    • The branding bar on the search results page has been fixed.
  • New Features:

    • Sidebar blocks can now be set to be collapsible to just a header.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Streaming media paragraph less picky about capital letters in filenames.
  • New Features/Enhancements:

    • Gato sessions will no longer time out if left idle.
    • The Rich Editor now includes a horizontal rule button.
    • Made file-type specification in mail form file uploads more clever.
    • In order to improve accessibility, Gato now verifies that ALT tags are included for images throughout the system.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Site editors can no longer accidentally disable their site by changing the name of their home page.


  • New Features/Enhancements:

    • Editors can now upload a ZIP file full of images to an Image Gallery paragraph.
    • Email Form pages now have many more options for content types. These are all now checked dynamically as the site visitor enters information into the form.
    • As part of our nightly LinkChecker reports, site managers will now receive notice of content that hasn't been updated for a year. (This period can be adjusted via Page Properties.)

    Bug Fixes:

    • Editors can now see the data associated with past versions of a page.
    • Playing videos on Safari 4/Windows no longer causes crashes.
    • On email form pages, starting the name of a field with a number no longer causes alignment issues.
    • Issues with selecting an image from the DMS  in various browsers fixed.
  • Enhancements:

    • Streaming Media paragraph overhauled and now supports YouTube videos in addition to those on the Streaming Server.
    • Image Gallery paragraphs now work on iPhone and Android mobile devices.
    • If a user turns on captioning for a video, it will remain on for other videos until she turns it off herself.
    • When a user plays a video, an event is now generated for Google Analytics, making it possible to track how ofter a video is viewed.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Bulleted lists no longer overrun adjacent images.
    • Closed captioning on videos is no longer obscured by video controls.
    • Orientation changes on Android devices are handled much more reliably.
    • Search and Replace works more reliably when replacing HTML elements.
  • New Features/Enhancements:

    • Form results are now stored in a database and can be downloaded en masse.
    • Forms now handle international characters correctly.
    • Side Navigation revamped to make it easier and more functional.
    • Text & Image Paragraph can now pull image from DMS.
    • Various rendering improvements to mobile template.
    • More mobile browsers are supported by the mobile template.
    • Menus with no sub-items no longer display an arrow.
    • ICS files now have the proper MIME type and will download properly.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Streaming Server paragraphs should cause fewer problems with menus.
    • Required fields on Email Form pages are now validated even when they don't have a name.
  • New Features/Enhancements:

    • Texas State Search Engine look and feel updated.
    • Added dialog that will, once a week, encourage IE6 users to upgrade.
    • Dropdown menus can now be activated with keyboard focus.
    • Printing of pages in Gato improved and optimized.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Google Analytics should now track iPhone visitors properly.
    • Various fixes and optimizations for Featured Events page.
    • Site Info is now editable on any page in a site, not just the home page.
    • RSS feeds considerably more robust and descriptive.
  • New Features/Enhancements:

    • New multipage Search and Replace functionality allows one to replace text throughout an entire site all at once.
    • Site banners are now visible when viewing a site on an iPhone.
    • University homepage heavily optimized; loads and display more quickly.

    Bug fixes:

    • Breadcrumb trail positioned correctly and is once again usable on pages with no sidebar.
    • Long titles no longer cause problem when viewing sites on iPhone.
    • Menus no longer look awful before the images load in.
    • Spaces in the names of files stored in the DMS should no longer cause download problems.
  • New Features/Enchancements:

    • All sites will be updated to the new template with this release, adding the new look and feel, optional sidebars, and iPhone support.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Special characters and extra-long titles no longer cause problems with menus in the new template.
    • Image Gallery paragraphs once again work correctly with Internet Explorer.
    • Link Checker no longer reports spurious "sociallinks.js" errors.
    • Bobcat Tube, Rising Star, and Be a Bobcat videos now play correctly on the iPhone browser.
    • Emails and other links in site information area should now be correctly styled.
    • Edit button for site information area should now remain visible when there's lots of content.
    • Animated GIFs should no longer cause the image gallery to malfunction.
    • Problem with breadcrumb trail overlapping page title resolved.
  • Enhancements:

    • New template, including graphic redesign, optional sidebars, and iPhone rendering now available.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Submitting a mail form, then clicking the Back button, then resubmitting the form will no longer cause an error.

2009 Gato Release Notes

  • Enhancements:

    • New University homepage design.
    • Each page that has been changed will have a "Version" automatically created each night, making it easy to back out any changes one makes that don't go as expected.
    • People Search results are now included with web searches.
    • Better tracking of link clicks for Google Analytics users.
    • The Event Calendar paragraph now includes the ability to expand or collapse event details.
    • The Event Calendar paragraph now shows a "Cancelled" stamp across events that have been cancelled.
    • Improved performance and reliability.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Image Gallery paragraphs should now handle special characters in image captions better.
    • When a banner image is replaced with another image with the same name, the old file will no longer be displayed indefinitely.
    • Custom 404 pages will now be update automatically each night.


  • Enhancements:

    • The Raw XHTML paragraph is now available on E-Mail Form pages.
    • Paragraph types are now listed alphabetically to make them easier to find.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Sortable tables work with Internet Explorer once again.
  • Enhancements:

    • Upgraded to Magnolia 3.6.5
    • Images, documents, and other files in rich editor paragraphs or download paragraphs on a page that requires a Texas State NetID to view now also require authentication.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Table sort feature is fixed.
    • Fixed typo on form template


  • Enhancements:

    • We now support use of Google Analytics to gather site usage data.
    • The display of banners can now be forced on all child pages, making it easier to turn on banners for a whole site or section thereof.
    • Email forms now encrypt their data before sending it to the email server.
    • The image tool is now available in FAQ paragraphs.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Label tags on email forms now work correctly in Internet Explorer 6.
    • Double quotes can now be used in captions in Image Galleries.
    • DOCX and other new file types can now be uploaded to a Rich Editor paragraph.
  • Enhancements:

    • Audience permission settings are now inherited by sub-pages.
    • Email forms include the confirmation number in the subject line.
    • The Event paragraph lists available calendars hierarchically, rather than alphabetically.