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Article List

The Article List content type allows editors to display an article on a page. One is able to display the article title, author name, and a link to the article where site visitors can read more.

Add Article List

  1. Select Add Content within a layout.
    • This requires that a section has already been created.
  2. Select Article List and select Next
  3. Add the title of the article in the Title field
  4. Enter a link to the article in the Link field, or click Select New to select a page within your site.
  5. (optional) Add the name of the article's author in the Author field
  6. (optional) Add the date the article was published using the Date field.
    • The calendar icon to the right of the text field to select a date.
  7. Enter a summary for the article in the Summary field, which will display below the linked title and author name.
Sample Article
by V. Alex Sotola, David S. Ruppel, Timothy H. Bonner, Chris C. Nice, Noland H. Martin · Jan 24, 2019 Read More about Sample Article

* The Article List example above shows a linked title, author names, date, summary of article, and a read more link.