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Buttons can be aesthetically used to emphasize links on Gato pages. Users can choose from a selection of different button types, sizes and colors.

Adding a Button

  1. Within a layout, click the box that states Add Content.
    • This requires that a section has already been created
  2. Click Button
  3. Click Choose
  4. Select a button type. Options include:
  • Gradient - when users mouse-over the button, the button's color is lighter at the top and darker at the bottom
  • Image Rollover - editors are able to select an image to be displayed upon user mouse-over.
  • Reverse - the button itself will be white, then change to the desired color when the user mouses-over the button.
  • 3D - the button has a slight shadow underneath.
  1. Choose from one of the 5 offered colors.
  2. Select the button's size by either choosing small, medium, large, or full width from the drop-down size menu.
  3. Add text that will be displayed in the button.
  4. Enter the desired target URL into the link box or click Internal Link to link to a page within the encompassing website
  5. Click Save Changes

*This Image Rollover button points to a separate page explaining how to add in a background image.