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Calendar Events

The Calendar Events content type allows editors to automatically add University Events Calendar information to a webpage. This eliminates the need to recreate events in Gato.

Add a Calendar

  1. Within a layout, click the box that states Add Content.
    • This requires that a section has already been created.
  2. Click Calendar Events
  3. Click Choose
  4. Enter an optional title for the calendar
  5. Find and select the calendar to be displayed in the drop-down menu.
  6. Select either the number of days or the date range of events you wish to display. 
  7. Select a display style. The collapsed option will list the event's title, date, and time while the expanded list will show all of the previous information plus the location, contact, and other details about the event.
  8. The Hide repeated occurrences of recurring events option can be selected. This is suitable if the goal is to only show unique events.
  9. Click Save Changes

Sample Calendar

No results.

* This calendar information was not manually entered in Gato. Instead, it was automatically updated through our events calendar system.