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Embed Webpage

The Embed Webpage content type allows you to display the content of another website within your own page.  This gives the external content the same look and feel of Gato, and keeps users on your page.

Add Embed Webpage

  1. Within a layout, click the box that states Add Content.
    • This requires that a section has already been created.
  2. Click Embed Webpage
  3. Click Next
  4. Enter an optional title for the webpage
  5. Enter the URL of the page you wish to display
  6. Enter an optional height.  By default the height will be 800px, the average size of a webpage.  If it is larger, scroll bars will appear.  If you'd like to make the page height larger, enter the size in pixels (e.g. 1000, 500, etc.)
  7. Click Save Changes