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Icon and Text

The Icon and Text content type allows you to display an icon on the page with an optional title and text below. When a link is used, it creates a function similar to that of a button, which users can click on to take them to another page.

Add Icon and Text

  1. Within a layout, click the box that states Add Content.
    • This requires that a section has already been created.
  2. Select the Icon and Text content type
  3. Select Next
  4. Click Select New Icon
  5. Select an icon from the available icon library, or search for an icon
  6. (optional) Add a title to display under the icon using the Title field
  7. (optional) Add text to display under the icon using the Text field
  8. (optional) Add an external web address, or select Internal Link to select an existing page within your site, to add a link to the icon.

Adding a link to the icon will turn the icon into a button that a user may click.

  1. If you wish, change the color of the icon to Maroon, Gold, or Charcoal. By default it will be Maroon.
  2. Select Save Changes.