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Add and Edit an Image

Using the Rich Editor's Image function, you can add an image on your page alongside your text.

The Text and Image content type also allows you to embed an image on your page alongside text, and is the more recommend content type for using images with text. Learn more about the Text and Image content type.

Add an Image

  1. Click the Image icon
  2. Click Browse Server
  3. You may either select an image that has previously been uploaded or you may choose to upload a new one
    • Click Upload
    • Browse for your image 
  4. Once your image is selected, click Choose
  5. Provide a brief description of the image in the Alt. text field.  This is required for each image you use in Gato. Alt. text is used by screen readers for visually impaired users
  6. You may choose to adjust the image width and height.  The lock icon indicates that the image ratio is locked.  This helps eliminate image distortion. Click the lock icon to either lock or unlock the image ratio
  7. Choose your alignment options
  8. If you would like to provide a caption for the image, which will display at the bottom of the image, place a check in the Captioned Image box.  You will be able to provide the caption text once the image has been added
  9. Click OK to use the image

Edit an Image

  1. Click the image you wish to edit
  2. Using your mouse, right-click the image
  3. Click Image Properties
  4. Make the edits you wish
  5. Click OK

Alt Text

Alternative text (also known as Alt. text) is a short description or story about an image, which describes the image to those who would be unable to see it.

Alt. Text is important for those who are visually impaired, use assistive technologies when browsing the web, or those who turn off images, such as in areas with expensive or low internet bandwidth. Texas State strives to produce accessible websites, and Alt. text should always be included on every image. For more information on Alt.text and accessibility, visit the Texas State Digital Accessibility site. 

The Alternative Text field in the Rich Editor is shown with an alt text description entered in to the Image Properties function box.