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Add Collage Video Cards

Add Video Card

  1. Select Add Card and choose Video Card
  2. Add the Video URL
  3. Give your slide a Splash Image
    1. Click Select New to either choose an already uploaded image from the DAM, or upload a new image by clicking Upload and browsing your computer for the image.
    2. Click the image you wish to use and click Choose
  4. Enter a brief description of the image to be used as alt text in the Video Alt Text textbox
  5. Enter a title for the video, which will be displayed underneath the image using the Title text box

Caption titles can be up to 95 characters, but short and concise is best.

  1. Enter caption text for the image.

The caption text will appear underneath the video. Caption text can be up to 206 characters and should be strategically written.

  1. Enter a link address to a website or click Internal Link to choose an already existing page within your website where the user will be taken after clicking the title or text.
  2. Select a Caption Background color. By default, it will be set to Maroon.
  3. Click Save Changes

Alt Text

Alternative text (also known as Alt. text) is a short description or story about an image, which describes the image to those who would be unable to see it.

A screenshot shows the collage video card settings with the video alt text entered.

Alt. Text is important for those who are visually impaired, use assistive technologies when browsing the web, or those who turn off images, such as in areas with expensive or low internet bandwidth. Texas State strives to produce accessible websites, and Alt. text should always be included on every image

Add / Modify Card Size

  1. In the Card Settings dialogue box, click the Card Size tab
  2. In the Size of Card settings, select either Large Card or Small Card
The card size settings of the Collage Section Type settings are shown.