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A page template governs the look and feel of your page. The TXST Standard template is the template most of your pages will use. There are three standard template types in Gato that are available - TXST Standard, TXST Form, and TXST Filterable Search. The page redirect template is also available, but is not exclusive to standard template.

TXST Standard: The Texas State standard template allows editors to create flexible webpages which can include text, links, images, sliders, social media information, tables, and more.
TXST Form: The form template allows editors to create a submittable form. These forms can be set to request names, Net ID's, dates, files, and more. It allows form submissions to be viewed through the Gato interface, or directly in a set inbox. This does not allow for the collection of sensitive data or payment.
TXST Filterable Search This template allows users to create a filterable list of items, allowing site visitors the ability to easily narrow down information in a clean, user friendly way. These items can be portrayed in a list view, a grid view, or both. 
Page Redirect: The redirect template immediately sends the user to the page you've set in the properties panel. If site visitors are attempting to view an old page rather than the new one, the old page can be turned into a redirect to seamlessly send guests in the right direction.


Additionally, editors who have completed Calico training and will also have access to the Calico template when creating a new site or sandbox.

Change Template

Change a Page Template

  1. From the tree-view of Gato-edit. Select the page you wish to change by clicking on it once.
  2. Find and select the Change template option in the right menu, or right click the page and select Change template.
  3. Select the appropriate template from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Save Changes to update your template.

Please note that content which appears lost when changing a template can always be found be changing the template back to what it was previously.