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Add Google Analytics to Site

Goggle Analytics allows site editors, owners, and managers to view statistical data of site usage. You must sign up for an account with Google Analytics, which is free to do, to begin tracking data. 

Add Google Analytics

  1. Click on your site's homepage.
  2. Click Edit Page Properties from the menu on the right.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Paste the account ID Google provided you into the Google Analytics text box.
  5. Click Save Changes

Using Google Analytics

  • It is best to add the Google Analytics feature to your site's homepage so that all site visits and traffic are tracked.
  • If you go to your site's homepage and see that there is already a Google Analytics account active on your site, do not remove it and replace it with your own.  Discuss among your colleagues and see who has access to the account.  They can grant you access to it.